Octopus is a software program that facilitates the management of inventory/sales operations in organizations. Octopus helps companies Track, Manage, Evaluate, and Organize inventory/sales processes. Octopus covers the sales and inventory cycle that starts when a shipment enters the company, continues through internal operations between the company branches and warehouses, and finishes when an order is placed and/or delivered to the customer. Octopus can also be used to manage and link all of the company’s branches with a relatively low expanding cost. Due to our belief that simpler is always better, we created Octopus to be Extremely Easy to Use software.

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In 2004, our team started one of the largest statistical systems in Egypt. The objective was to develop an Enterprise-wide solution for the Ministry of Health of Egypt that facilitates the process of data collection, storage, and analysis of medical, health, and statistical records of the entire nation of Egypt. This system is web-based and enables ease of access.

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