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Having started with nothing but a few employees and a group of trainees, the co-founders of Sheen Information Technolgoy previously established Shura Solutions back in 2006 which has grown from being a self-started company to one that ranks among the top holders of clients in the region. Now that the company has reached this size, it has been re-introduced to the market with the same team as Sheen Information Technology.

The company has carried through a USAID project in Jordan charged with a large amount of complex data with great ease and sophistication. Developing the most challenging of projects became the way this team managed to reach its goals. The company continued gaining more market share, and became on the scene as the smallest software development firm working with the largest and most prominent telecommunication companies such as Vodafone, Etisalat, and Orange (Mobinil at that time).

Sheen makes sure its team integrates high-caliber software and IT professionals, who also share its enthusiasm and passion for both its mission and vision towards empowering businesses with the tools and services they need to automate their business processes and achieve their utmost potential.

We guarantee to build quality software for our customers, by having our team of professional software consultants come together with a focus on determining the best and most suitable solution for the business.

Why Work With Sheen Technology ?

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Customer Intimacy

The inherited behavior in Sheen drove the relation with the customer from the early first step to reach a very trustable position, which made most of the customers rely on the sales team as their solution consultant. The concept of the Customer in Sheen ends once the contract is signed. At Shura Solutions, it is a celebration of a new partnership.

Operation Excellence

Operation excellence was the biggest challenge for Sheen’s quality team members, as it is applied to every process, transaction, and product.

Product Leadership

From the very start, Sheen founders had the vision to provide the local and Middle Eastern markets with sustainable products that serve decision-makers in different types of organizations. With the aim of achieving leadership, Sour team contributed to attaining products and services that are briefly described as functional, reliable, scalable, flexible, and maintainable.

Sheen’s customer support philosophy


Since day one, Sheen has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys annually in order to broaden and enhance its knowledge about customer preferences and customer segments.

With the help of the survey results, the need for action in terms of service quality or product range is identified and improvement measures were taken. Sheen Information Technology gives value to such efforts and takes them into consideration as part of its customer value management in line with its premium strategy.

Outcomes are of major concern for customers, but outcomes are rarely asked about and hardly ever measured. Sheen determines customers’ expectations by taking into account all their requirements and needs. By analyzing these requirements, we have discovered that any customer mostly cares about three things, outcomes, attributes, and features. Outcomes will be used to drive new product innovation, and attributes will be used to develop objectives, measure satisfaction and brainstorm key product features.

Our Total Customer Satisfaction policy conveys that quality is an integrated part of all processes like development, sourcing, production, delivery and service. It is encompassed in every aspect of the total output that reaches our customers, including products, services and the overall user experience.

The properly operating customer satisfaction process creates value by adapting the organization to accommodate its customers. This produces a prosperous win-win situation. Sheen follows its customers’ satisfaction policy, and it operates at full strength by following these guidelines:

  • Be Practical – Address the Existing Situation
  • Conducting Actionable Research
  • Initiating Satisfaction Projects
  • Managing a Satisfaction Program​
  • Involve Managers
  • Selecting Leverage Points
  • Coordinating Satisfaction Projects


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Maadi Al Khabiri Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11431

In 2004, our team started one of the largest statistical systems in Egypt. The objective was to develop an Enterprise-wide solution for the Ministry of Health of Egypt that facilitates the process of data collection, storage, and analysis of medical, health, and statistical records of the entire nation of Egypt. This system is web-based and enables ease of access.

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